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Draft Horses Friesian

draft horses friesian
Are fresians draft horses?

I LOVE Freisans & I know they are about the size of a Draft horse but I am not sure if they really are! Please help me! I have the GOFFERT FRIESIAN breyer model & I love it but still is it or is it not a draft horse?! Oh and btw, is how do you spell it correctly ( Fresian )?

No. Friesians are technically warm bloods. They are not “cold bloods” aka draft horses, like the Shire and Clydesdale, but are not “hot bloods”, such as horses like the Arabian. They have a lot of Spanish blood in them like the Andalusian, and while in the beginning I do not doubt that they were crossed with drafts to get the feathering and robust physique, today they are not classified as such.
Most Friesian horses are between 15 and 16 hands, however in disciplines such as dressage, they have been bred to exceed 16 hands and reach 17hands in height, therefore a tall Friesian is not out of the question, but is also not the norm.
And Friesian is spelled, well, like that. lol.

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