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Horse Blankets Winter

horse blankets winter

How To Take Care Of Your Horses During Winters?

As a horse owner, what are the precautions you take to provide good care for your horse during the winter? Even though the horse adapts itself to with stand the winter challenges, you must provide them with some extra care that they need during the winter colds. Below are some of the tips to protect your horse during the winter.

1. The most important and best warm up source for your horse is hay, during winter it is recommended to increase the supply of hay to your horse and cut down some other kinds of feeds that you provide. Hay can easily digest in the cecum and colon and it can produce heat by bacterial fermentation.

2. You have to provide it with enough of hay that it requires, because hay produces heat which helps your horse to keep itself warm. If you notice that your horse is not able to grind its food properly, then it is better to take it to a pre-winter dental checkup.

3. During winter nights you have to provide them with proper shelter to withstand the cold wind. Make sure that you provide some warm blanket material to your horse during moist wind or frosty weather, due to wetness your horse skin may loose loft and it will not be in the condition to withstand the coldness.

4. Do not neglect to groom your horse daily during the winter, a regular grooming helps your horse to maintain a healthy body. And make sure that you have proper ventilation in your barn.

5. The most important thing is provide your horse with adequate supply of water, sometimes you horse may not drink water if it is too cold, so make some necessary arrangements to keep the water a little warm.

Depending on the features of the pasture, your horse needs additional feeding. Offering mineral block for your horse in the barn provides a good resource of nutrients. If you find that your horse has lost some weight, then increase the amount of grain you supply to it. By increasing the amount of grain you provide, your horse gets more nutrition and will be healthy.

So these are some of the tips care your horse during the winter, if you are a horse owner, you must take some responsibility in maintaining your horse. At the same time you must do every thing you probably can to keep your horse out of diseases by taking proper care.

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Ranju Kumar an editor of the website http://www.sponsorahorse.org, which helps in rescuing and rehabbing abused, neglected and unwanted horses from over 10 years. Visit Sponsor A Horse and know more about horse rescue programs.

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